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Dr. M | Saman Mirkazemi, D.O.

Host of the #EducatingDrM series of Twitter spaces --"Transformation, one space at a time!": educational spaces on a variety of topics from medicine and science to alternative medicine, healing and spirituality.

Lover of all things Social Audio --a #TwitterSpaces 'maximalist'.

A refugee to the United States in 2001 escaping systematic persecution of the Baha'i Faith in my birth country of Iran. An activist and passionate advocate for unity, equality, human rights, women's rights and kindness above all.

A total geek that wrote computer games in various languages for fun in middle and high school. Proficient in digital media content creation and production of all sorts from music production (recording, mixing and mastering) to audio and video editing to graphics and web design.

Interested in all things technology, web 3, metaverse and beyond.

Full-time Osteopathic Physician and Medical Aesthetics Specialist at Dearborn Vein Center ( in Dearborn, Michigan.

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