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Top 22 Experts for 2022 on Twitter Spaces

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Meet our Experts

Below you will find a list of all 22 Top Experts in Twitter Spaces and their areas of expertise along with links to their Twitter profiles and other social links. Make sure to follow them all. Although Twitter Spaces has been in existence for just over one year, we are happy to share our list with you.

Nominate the next top Expert

We are looking to add to this list of top experts in the future. If you know someone who is leading the field on Twitter Spaces and Social Audio please comment below or send your suggestion via email to us.

This article last updated on January 4, 2022, by Chris Kirk - The SocialAudioGuy


NFT, Poet, Artist Social Links: @blockmuse |


Bobbi Bicker

Multi-Dimensional Artist Social Links: @BobbiBicker |


Bunsen and Beaker

Science, Dogs, Podcaster, Media Personality

Social Links: @bunsenbernerbmd | @sciencepawdcast |


Chris Kirk - SocialAudioGuy

Social Audio, Community Building, Podcaster

Social Links: @socialaudioguy |


Jennifer Navarrete

Podcast & Virtual Event Producer Content Strategist | Speaker

Social Links: @epodcaster |


Jia Elhassan

Marketing & Branding Specialist Content & Funnels Strategist

Social Links: @jia_elhassan |


Keith Keller

Twitter Marketing Specialist

Social Links: @keithkeller |


Kiki Xiraki-Tselios

Teacher, Education, Coach

Social Links: @kyriakixt |


Revolution Macinnes

Host, Media Personality, Mental Health Advocate

Social Links: @revmaclive |


Samantha Postman

Multi-Perspectives Inspirational Global Speaker Founder at Medici Community: Multi-Achiever Xperience

Social Links: @SamanthaPostman | @Multi_Achievers |


Billy Dees

Podcaster, Media Personality

Social Links: @billydees |


Kimberly Kay Scott

Editor-in-Chief Popwrapped, Women in Business BestSeller, Transformation Coach

Social Links: @dearkimberlykay |


Brian Hurst

Social Media Success Specialist, Marketing

Social Links: @brianhurst01 |


Eileen Jan

Therapist l Coach l IT Consultant

Social Links: @eileenjan |


Spooky The Maniac

Music Composer, Artist

Social Links: @SpOOkyThEManiaC |


Stephen J. Caggiano

Problem solver. The world’s oldest child prodigy.

Social Links: @StephenCaggiano |


Odhiambo Ogola

Founder of Spacesforgood, Creator, Advisor

Social Links: @PhilipOgola


Rose Horowitz

Pulitzer-nominated Journalist, Founder of WomentoFollow

Social Links: @RoseHorowitz31 |


George Silverman

Author, Writer, Mindskills Coach

Social Links: @GeorgeSilverman |


Haythem Hammour

Cybersecurity, Product Marketing Manager & Information Security Professional

Social Links: @dolemite_kabayo |


Indra Bartona

Producer Film/TV

Social Links: @indra_bartona |


IntelBlaze Sean

Brand Hype Agent, E-commerce, Tourism & Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social Links: @IntelBlazeSean |

Who is The Social Village?

The Social Village Website provides an overview of over 80+ Social Audio companies, all on one website. Our goal is to do a complete review of every company and to completely understand how each stands alone and is special in its own ways. We are looking to develop a community within each of the major social audio platforms that can help to foster a positive experience. Our main purpose is to give people a chance to continue their social audio experience regardless of their preferred platform choice without feeling left out of the big picture. When we find exciting news and developments in social audio, you can rest assured we will be there to provide that information directly from the source.

Did we miss a Social Audio App or Website in the Directory?

Our goal is of course to provide coverage for all social audio applications and websites. Let us know if we are missing one via the contacts page. You can also email me directly at with any suggestions or questions.

For more info on Social Audio please visit our website -

Chris Kirk
Chris Kirk - SocialAudioGuy

I am working on helping 80+ social audio apps to get discovered | Founder of The Social Village Website and Community | Host of The Social Village Podcast | Proud dad of 6 kids

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