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How to find the best social audio app for you

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Finding the perfect social audio app can be a very time-consuming process. We are here to help you make choices based on the type of app you are looking for.

Social Audio can be a form of therapy. Right now, this is exactly what we all need.

The pandemic has caused a ton of people to lose a huge part of their personal daily social experience. We could talk to co-workers, family, and friends in the neighborhood without thinking twice. While most of the country is slowly opening back up, not everyone is ready to fully embrace the mask-free cultural norms, and frankly who knows when everything will get back to normal.

What we had taken for granted, such as going to eat or out to the bar on weekends has been mostly replaced with evenings spending time watching television, reading books, and perhaps spending quality time with those closest to us. Socialization has suffered the most during the pandemic. While some people have no issue socializing less often, others have a built-in need to get out of the house. While social audio isn't exactly the same as real-life interactions, it does have some great advantages and allows us to do so safely without putting ourselves or others at risk.

Let’s talk about what is currently happening in the world of social audio and why it is worth your time both professionally and personally.

Who is using social audio?

It is very common for celebrities and business leaders to step into Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces on a regular basis. People are creating rooms with topics ranging from Personal Growth, Podcasts, Gaming, Marketing, Sports, and even a little networking.

We have seen many content creators and brands able to take advantage of these new social audio apps and also have seen hosts increase their followers by 25-50% in just a few short months. Two of the leaders at the moment in social audio are Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.


One of the first considerations is what platforms the app serves. (Android, iOS or desktop)

What is The Social Village?

We are looking to develop a community within each of the major social audio platforms that can help to foster a positive experience. Our main purpose is to give people a chance to continue their social audio experience regardless of their preferred platform choice without feeling left out of the big picture. When we find exciting news and developments in social audio, you can rest assured we will be there to provide that information directly from the source.

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