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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

RACKET is audio stories, told by anyone. If you could speak to the whole world, what would you say? Racket is the easiest way to tell audio stories and connect with people who want to hear them. In 99 seconds or less, you can record your thoughts in the studio and share them with the world. Now, it’s time to create, share and discover audio stories. Go make a Racket!

Category: Social Audio Platform Subcategory: Micro Podcasting Mobile: iOS Only Desktop: N/A Created: 2021 Website:

Twitter: @racket100 Company Info: CrunchBase


Sometimes words aren’t enough. Written words, that is, trimmed down to fit into a tweet or extended to fill out a full blog post or book. Emotion and feelings are often lost along the way. Talking isn’t a cure-all either; few have time to listen to everyone’s unvarnished thoughts. But what you just recorded whatever you have to say, whenever an idea comes to mind? What if you could bring in your friends, chat about something, and share your discussion with the world?

Latest News and Updates:

LINK (1/18/22) PodCash | $100,000 being given away to potential podcast hosts.

LINK (11/16/21) Venture Capital Journal | Social Audio app Racket garners $3m

LINK (11/16/21) TechCrunch | Racket launches an app for 99-second micro podcasts

LINK (11/15/21) The Information | Racket Raises Funding for Short-Form Audio Clips; Substack Passes 1 Million Paid Subscriptions

LINK (07/16/21) The Verge | The next big social network trend? Shortform audio

LINK (06/21/21) Medium | What is It’s Like Twitter meets Clubhouse meets



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