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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Logcast makes podcasting social and easy. Record and share your voice instantly with one tap. Share audio clips wherever and whenever you want, follow friends and your favorite creators, log your thoughts, experiences, or projects, and discover new voices through curated lists. Create your own playlist of people you want to listen to every day, organize logs in a Project, and let people follow a journey.

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Twitter: @logcast_ Company Info: Crunchbase | LinkedIn Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Logcast™ is a social audio network empowering the next generation of audio creators. The platform exists to give every person in the world a voice, and we do this by building technology that has a democratizing effect, eliminating barriers and granting access so that new ideas and information can spread.

Built out of Sweden, the app lets people record, share and monetize short-form audio updates (known as "logs") instantly with one tap. For the first time, podcasting has been made social - you can follow friends, join conversations, share your ideas and earn money directly from your listeners.

The Stockholm-based startup, founded by Johanna Hoof and Leni Andronicos, enables anyone with a smartphone to create audio experiences within seconds, with users able to record and share content on the go with “one tap”. Once creators have recorded their voice, they can edit the clip, add a photo and share it instantly with their community on the app. In an attempt to encourage authentic content, the app doesn’t allow pre-recorded uploads; instead, users have one shot at pressing the record button, recording the content, and publishing.

Logcast makes the traditionally one-sided experience of podcasting social for the first time, with users able to follow their friends, create Projects, join groups (or “Circles”), send private messages, and discover personalized experiences as served by the app’s data-driven recommendation engine. It’s been described as a personalized “micro podcast” reel — or if you took a podcast app, crossed it with Twitter, and added a dash of TikTok.​

For professional creators, Logcast offers “unlockable experiences”, where fans can pay for access to exclusive content and experiences. Creators can create and publish a piece of audio content in the app, select a one-time price for their fans to “unlock” it, and get paid directly by their biggest supporters.

Key features:

  • Record and share audio clips instantly with one tap

  • Record whenever and wherever (frictionless)

  • Join conversations with like-minded people

  • Discover new voices

  • Chat with other people in Direct Log

  • Organize your logs in projects


Latest News and Updates

LINK (12/08/21) - Medium | Logcast x Creators // Interview with My Monday Taco Club

LINK (11/30/21) - Medium | Ericsson, Bauer Media and Nordic Capital execs join Logcast Board of Directors Ahead of the Social Network’s Global Launch

LINK (11/30/21) - InsideRadio | Logcast Launches With Aim To Make Short Audio Clips The Next Big Thing In Podcasts.

LINK (11/25/21) - Youtube: Logcast | Logcast Founding Story

LINK (11/22/21) - Medium | Logcast presents House of Minds at Slush 2021 LINK (11/18/21) - Medium | Social Network For Audio Creators, Logcast, Launches Globally

LINK (11/18/21) - PRNewswire | Social Network For Audio Creators, Logcast, To Launch Globally

LINK (09/12/21) - Hackernoon | An Interview with Johanna Hoof, Co-Founder of Social Audio Network Logcast


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