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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Fireside hosts live audio chats similarly to Clubhouse and allow users to record those conversations. The team had told creators it planned to allow them to distribute their files as RSS-based podcasts, and the Libsyn partnership appears to be the solution for that goal. Fireside says users will be able to optionally distribute their shows as a podcast with “one tap.”

Category: Social Audio Platform SubCategory: Podcasting, Top 5 Mobile: iOS and Android Desktop: Yes Created: 2021 Website:

Twitter: @FiresideChatApp Company Info: Crunchbase

Background: Fireside Chat is a social platform that makes discussion, debate, and discourse in a public forum. It facilitates discourse amongst citizens and the influential leaders of society. Use Fireside to asynchronously communicate through video Q&A with these decision-makers today. The company's platform is made for podcasting and conversing with listeners through said podcasts, enabling podcast hosts to monetize their conversations.

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