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How to build your Niche Community in Social Audio

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The first mistake community builders often make is to lose focus on what defines their community. Most often in the early days of forming a community, a clear focus is found on one interconnected factor or purpose, but shortly after the community is formed participation dwindles because most likely there is no clear plan to foster growth and development.

This is why creating niche communities with controlled growth is ultra important especially on Social Media and Social Audio apps such as Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Spotify Greenroom. Niche communities are groups of people who share a common interest and whose numbers are intentionally kept low in order to facilitate development. You should take the time to get to know each other more closely and discover more about your community in order to develop your core group.

Ultimately, we can and should help each other

We should be looking for ways to help each other to grow. We can do that by supporting each other's audio spaces or rooms and retweeting and being a part of the conversation.

Create small goals to achieve together as a group

We are all good at something and we should look to find creative ways to help each other in that effort. Having some community goals allows you to share each other's success and learn from things that do not go as well as planned. You can celebrate each other's success and that collaboration will lead to more growth than originally planned.

Consistency and schedule is key to public awareness

When building your brand, especially in the world of Social Audio, having a clear and consistent schedule is vital to maintaining and achieving higher visibility. The community should also have a clear schedule and process.

Find common factors / Build a support network

Create opportunities for everyone to gather together and focus on finding common factors, a support network, a way to share ideas, and a safe place to ask tough questions.

Build a reputation / Find your leaders

You need to build soapboxes for yourself + others and not be afraid to own the opportunity. If you are an expert and want to mentor others, set yourself and others up for success and you will be recognized as a leader. It is really important to find leaders in your community who are willing to be leaders and own the leadership role.

Listen & Adjust as needed

While no system can be perfect for everyone, it is important to be open to feedback, listen to the community, and make adjustments to ensure growth. Slow and steady wins the race!

Where to start

My view is that we should all be creating niche communities here and on Twitter, growing together as a family with some accountability to one another. View my latest poll on Twitter

Introducing The Social Village - A community and Social Audio Directory

This is exactly what I want to build with the concept of The Social Village. One large community and also several niche communities that are dedicated to helping each other to grow as described above. I am in the process of creating this type of community with The Social Village. If you want to be a leader in Social Audio.

Join me at

Our first 100 members will be considered Founding Members and will be the key to each others growth. Are you with me? View the original Tweet Thread that started this article.

Who is The Social Village?

The Social Village Website provides an overview of over 80+ Social Audio companies, all on one website. Our goal is to do a complete review of every company and to completely understand how each stands alone and is special in its own ways. We are looking to develop a community within each of the major social audio platforms that can help to foster a positive experience. Our main purpose is to give people a chance to continue their social audio experience regardless of their preferred platform choice without feeling left out of the big picture. When we find exciting news and developments in social audio, you can rest assured we will be there to provide that information directly from the source.

Did we miss a Social Audio App or Website in the Directory?

Our goal is of course to provide coverage for all social audio applications and websites. Let us know if we are missing one via the contacts page. You can also email me directly at with any suggestions or questions.

Chris Kirk
Chris Kirk - SocialAudioGuy

I am working on helping 80+ social audio apps to get discovered | Founder of The Social Village Website and Community | Host of The Social Village Podcast | Proud dad of 6 kids

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