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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Wedo is an American and European communication and financial platform built for freelancers and entrepreneurs. By providing all the tools entrepreneurs need within one easy-to-use app, Wedo is removing the financial and technical barriers to entry for small businesses and setting them up for success. Founded at the beginning of the COVID pandemic by former tech freelancer and 5x startup founder Indiana Gregg, Wedo is on a mission to make entry into the business world affordable, accessible and seamless for entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Twitter: @wedo_hq Company Info: Crunchbase


Welcome to Wedo, a platform built so you can do more with less! Wedo makes network building easier than sliced bread. From business professionals to individual users - anybody can have discussions on any topic with anyone by creating a live video alley. Host rooms and get connected with each valuable client.

Wedo is all about revealing communication in a more human approach. We make communication better and help you grow faster. Join the ultimate community platform to create your own network and grow. (Best of all, it's free!)

Invite your loved ones to this platform and let's Wedo together. Join Wedo today and enjoy the ease of network building!

Latest News and Updates

LINK - Jan 11, 2022 by PRNewsWire | Wedo Opens Early Registration for Freelancers to Take Charge of Their Businesses

LINK - Dec 1, 2021 by Tech Times | Tech Entrepreneur Indiana Gregg’s Fintech Tool ‘Wedo’ Makes It Easy to Start an Online Business

LINK - Dec 8, 2021 by PRNewsWire | Wedo makes a splash at 2021 Valencia Digital Summit

LINK - Nov 12, 2021 by Irish Tech News | Samantha Kelly named Wedo Chief Communications Officer

LINK - Nov 2, 2021 by PRNewsWire | Wedo smashes glass ceiling with $3 million raised

LINK - Oct 26, 2021 by PRNewsWire | Wedo to beta launch at Lisbon Web Summit 2021


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