Hosted by: 
Chris Kirk / SocialAudioGuy

The Social Village is an online community of storytellers, thought leaders, mentors, and ultimately friends.  I try to look at every day as an opportunity to learn something new and create a network with social media and its respective sites and applications. 

I always say that everyone has at least one great story in them.  Hopefully, you feel comfortable enough to share your stories with us. If not, we are all about creating opportunities for people to refine their stories.  Maybe you're just starting out in a new career path or trying to decide whether to change jobs, or just finished a challenging journey, or maybe you're going through a rough patch in life.  These all make for great stories, and we want to hear from you.

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I wake up every single day looking for something new to learn.  I believe everyone has the ability to teach us something new.   This podcast is the culmination of my own personal journey and life lessons, along with my daily search for inspiration in the strangest of places.  We will have interviews and live podcasts on Twitter Spaces.  It helps to keep things on the lighter side and never take ourselves too seriously. Thanks for giving my podcast a listen.

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